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March 2018 – Power of the Purse Brunch

The organizing Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in the 3rd Annual Power of the Purse brunch.

This year was successful with 105 women participating which is over and above the goal of 100.  The event raised $10,550 due to the number of participants and extra $50 donation.  According to the Charity of Choice cards, the funds are divided as follows:

South Central Cancer Resource

Free headwear for clients                                           $ 4,540.00

Pembina Hills Arts Centre

Free Creative Play Program                                         $ 2,254.00

City of Morden

Mental Health Week                                                    $ 3,756.00

Congratulations to these excellent charities for their hard work within the community!!  We all look forward to hearing how these donations have helped to make Morden a better place to live and visit.

This year was the most successful one yet sponsored by Focal Point, Access Credit Union, Floral Scents, Boundary Trails Dental Centre, and Rob Dudgeon.  It is because of the sponsorship that we are able to offer such a magnificent event to the powerful women of Morden and help to fill the needs in the community of Morden.  Sponsorship paid expenses such as the brunch catered by Homestead South, floral door prize from Floral Scents, linens from Party On Rentals and space rental costs at the Morden Activity Centre.

We look forward to planning the 4th Annual Power of the Purse to be held Saturday, March 2, 2019.  Thank you again for your participation in support of the Power of the Purse Event.

Planning Committee:

Merley Wiebe                   Kathy Ritchie                     Sheri-Lynn Duncan
Rhonda Plett                    Myrna Wiebe                     Lynda Lambert, Executive Director

Morden Area Foundation.  Invest in your future.  Partner together.  Build community.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support

at the Power of the Purse Brunch held Saturday, March 5, 2016 at the 55+ Activity Centre.  What an exciting and rewarding event!  Women empowering Women; that’s always a good thing.

Here are the results from the Charity of Choice Cards:

Name of Organization Total Received from Event Total added by MAF Total Grants Awarded
Parent Child Resource

Facilitator – requested $8,100

$       2,561.00 $       1,439.00 $       4,000.00

Screening Clinic – requested $3,000

$       2,568.00 $           432.00 $       3,000.00
Genesis House

Dining Table for 16 – requested $3,000

$       2,866.00 $           134.00 $       3,000.00
      $     10,000.00

We appreciate your involvement in this event as well as the commitment of the Morden Area Foundation adding the additional funds to allow the full $10,000 to be granted to the participating charities.

It is our hope you enjoyed the brunch, the wonderful presentations, and your freedom to donate as you wish so much that you will want to take part again next year and bring a friend with you.

The bookmark you received at the event was specifically designed by local water color artist Diana Persson and only 100 were printed. The plan is to have a new bookmark designed every year for this event, and we encourage you to attend to collect them all.

If you donated but were not in attendance, please note your tax receipt and bookmark will be mailed out to you. Each of our guests at the brunch received a gift bag purse with goodies.  If you were not in attendance, please stop in at MAF office and pick one up. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MAF office.


Laura Matychuk            Merley Wiebe                Kathy Ritchie                Lynda MacLean

822-3552                     822-3322                     822-4537                     822-5614


Past news from December 9, 2015:

Greetings to the women of the Giving Circle!

This letter is filled with very exciting news for you with announcements on granting, new Morden Area Foundation Board members, and a new “Power of the Purse” event.

Firstly, as advised in an email/letter to you earlier this year regarding granting, the Morden Area Foundation reviewed all grant applications in accordance with the WGC and MAF granting guidelines.  As voted on at the last WGC granting meeting, the theme for all grants this year is “new programming”.  If you would like a copy of the actual grant applications, please let me know and I can send them to you.  As well if you would like a copy of the granting guidelines and policies for WGC and MAF, please let me know and I will forward same to you or you can search them out on the website www.mordenfoundation.ca.

At the MAF Board meeting on Wednesday, November 18, the MAF has made the decision to support all grant applications submitted as follows:

  1. Child and Family Services submitted a grant application for a new program entitled Cooking, Caring and Connecting.  MAF chose not to support this program as per #5 of the MAF Community Grant Program Policy & Guidelines wherein it states “The project should not duplicate existing services, or if so, demonstrate why the overlap is warranted.”  It was felt there are a number of highly successful programs very similar to this one that already exist within the City of Morden courtesy of various family oriented organizations.  Therefore this grant application was declined.
  2. The City of Morden submitted a grant application for a Teen Drumming program in the amount of $594.00.   This program is designed to encourage physical activity especially with girls ages 10 – 15 and will be lead by Stephanie Dueck, Recreation Programmer at the Access Event Centre.  The participants use step risers and exercise balls all of which is available at the AEC through a regional lending program. It was agreed to accept this application and complete the grant request.
  3. The Pregnancy Care Centre submitted a grant application for a Post-Partum Depression group program in the amount of $1,030.00.  This is a 6 week program for 8 women which provides a sense of community, learning, support, and normalizing the feelings/experiences associated with welcoming a beautiful little person into their family home.  The materials help women identify and work through their feelings and experiences related to pregnancy, birth and welcoming baby into their world. It was agreed to accept this application and complete the grant request.
  4. Genesis House submitted a grant application for an Anger Solutions program specifically designed for women not men in the amount of $1,400.00.  This is a program for 10 participants to assist women in understanding their own feelings and learning more effective tools to deal with the emotion of anger.  The programming is evidence based and shows a success rate of 80% in Ontario where it originates.  Genesis House intends to include the component of domestic violence as often it is when the woman finally fights that she is charged. It was agreed to accept this application and complete the grant request.
  5. The Agassiz Medical Centre Community Board submitted a grant application for a Bilichek Bilirubin Assessment Tool. It was agreed to decline this application based on the fact that while it is for women and children, it does not fall under the theme of “new programming”.  The MAF Board members felt it was an important application and voted to move this application to the MAF granting list, accept this application, and complete the grant request.

The above are all the applications the WGC received totaling $3,024 which did not exceed the $5,000 granting limit. Since the grant total was so low, the MAF agreed to accept these applications and complete the grant request upon advising the WGC members of same.  No survey vote is required by the WGC members.  All grant recipients have been advised of same and invited to the MAF Christmas Party to receive a cheque and partake in a photo op for the newspapers.

Secondly, the MAF has a new Board as at September 1, 2015 which consists of:

Avaline Widmer, Chair; Ken Friesen, Vice Chair; Jamie Hartry, Treasurer; Laura Matychuk, Secretary;

Merley Wiebe; Becky Williams; Allison Braun; Keith Norrie; Chris Bolt

Laura Matychuk and Merley Wiebe are the MAF Board contacts for all WGC activities.

Thirdly, you are personally invited to attend the Morden Area Foundation Christmas Party/Wine and Cheese Event on Wednesday, December 9 from 7pm to 9pm in the Boardroom at the MAF office at 379 Stephen Street. You are invited to come out for a drink, snacks, meet the organizations being presented with a grant, and a Christmas visit with new and past MAF Board members.

Fourthly, the WGC monies are held at the Winnipeg Foundation along with the MAF invested monies. The WGC endowment currently holds $51,564.55.  The balance will increase with upcoming year end donations.  All who are interested in donating and taking advantage of the 2015 tax receipt, please have your donations in by December 31, 2015.  Mail your cheque or personally drop in to the office.  Please note the office will be closed December 24 and 25.

The Winnipeg Foundation has once again issued a challenge to raise $10,000 by September 30, 2016 and upon doing so will receive a total of $4,000!! $2,000 will go directly into the endowment fund and $2,000 will be available immediately for granting purposes.

To reach this goal, the WGC members are invited to a “Power of the Purse” brunch on Saturday, March 5 10am – 11:30am at the Morden Friendship 55+ Activity Centre. The “Power of the Purse” is a new concept wherein 100 women are invited to a free brunch.  Each woman must bring $100, listen to three charities make presentations on projects they require funding, then make a personal decision as to which charity they wish to donate to. This brunch has the potential to raise $10,000 in one morning thereby reaching our goal instantly. This process will empower each woman in attendance to give as they so choose to one or all three charities as they see fit.  Hence, the “Power of the Purse”.

The three charities must first qualify as per the usual MAF and WGC granting guidelines, submit an application prior to the event in January and be pre-chosen as qualified grant applicants. All granting criteria will be available to all those in attendance at the brunch to aid in the process of granting.

Watch for your WGC invitation to this event and be certain to respond before the deadline to get your seat as seats are limited.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact the MAF Executive Director, Lynda D. MacLean, at info@mordenfoundation.ca or 204-822-5614.  Lynda will bring any concerns to the MAF Board for further discussion.

Season’s Greetings to you and your family!

December 9, 2015


Past news from August, 2015:

Greetings to the women of the Giving Circle!

This is to advise you of the results of the survey we sent out to the Women’s Giving Circle members and the Morden Area Foundation Board’s recommendations on how to precede with the WGC granting in the future.

First of all, we would like to thank all those who responded to the survey.  It gave us valuable information for organizing our ongoing granting to the community.

Here is a summary of the results:

  1. Our members overwhelmingly prefer to use an online survey to vote on future granting to the community.
  2. Many of our members are interested in volunteering at an event. These names have been recorded and will be contacted for any up-coming events requiring assistance.
  3. Many of our members are interested in receiving reminders regarding future donations at certain times during the year. The MAF Executive Director, Lynda MacLean, has diarized these dates and reminders will be forwarded as requested.

We reviewed your feedback with the MAF Board of Directors and have come up with the following recommendations.  We will try this with our 2015 grants, discuss the process and results with the WGC members, and then finalize a plan for how to grant in the future.

  1. Advertising will go out in August. The advertising will focus on projects that impact women, children.
  2. The deadline for applications is September 30, 2015.  A specific grant application form has been developed for the WGC.  It can be found on the WGC page on the MAF website.  Charitable organizations wishing to apply for our grants may use this form.  It is also attached it hereto for your quick and easy reference as well as the granting guidelines.
  3. All applications will undergo an initial review by the MAF Board at the October 14, 2015 meeting. They will narrow the applications down to the best two or three that meet our criteria (helping women and children) and have the potential for the greatest impact.
  4. These two to three options will be presented via email and snail mail to our members to vote as to how the granting monies should be distributed. This mailing will be sent out the third week of October giving all WGC members one week to respond with their vote.  The MAF Executive Director, Lynda MacLean, will create a survey proposing options with descriptions and amounts for the WGC members to vote on.  Once the votes are in, she will tabulate the responses and notify the WGC members of the results.
  5. The Executive Director will arrange for the presentation of cheques and a photo op and will advertise these recipients.

Our goal is to make this process a simple as possible as we move forward.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact the MAF Executive Director Lynda D. MacLean at info@mordenfoundation.ca or 204-822-5614.  She will bring any concerns to the MAF Board for further discussion.

We look forward to engaging in this new process this fall and receiving any communications from the WGC members as they arise.

Enjoy your summer!

Laura Matychuk        Lynda Schroeder        Karla Warkentin       Kathy Ritchie



Grant Application Cover Page

Grant Application Proposal Form

Granting Guidelines 2015



 Members of the Women’s Giving Circle

Carmen Allen     Audrey Armstrong     Lorna Barclay     Julia Barclay     Donna Barnet

Lucille Bell     Jeanette Bergmann     Phyllis Binda     Lenora Bollenbach     Sandy Bollenbach

Sharon Bollenbach     Stephanie Bolt     Edith Brunn     Bonnie Buhler     Aimee Cadieux     Jean Chamberlain

Karen Chezick     Sally Chubey     Norma Collins     Cathy Cramer     Evelyn Currie

Grace Dalke     Cheryl Digby      Cathy Dudgeon     Jackie Dudgeon Murphy     Della Duncan     Lisa Dyck

Karen Dyck     Sylvia Dyck     Joyce Ehnes     Fran Einarson     Catherine Evenson   Linda Falk

Grace Fehr     Janie Fehr     Margaret Fehr       Heather Francis   Esther Fransen     Shelley Friesen

Max Friesen        Ingrid Friesen     Monica Friesen     Vera Froese     Veronica Frost     Monique Gauthier

Tabitha Gervais     Pat Gibson     Lindsay Guenther     Rosemarie Haggerty     Jill Halstead

Denise Hartry     Gail Hartry     Crystal Henderson     Janis Henderson     Judy Hiebert

Carol Hildebrand     Erika Hildebrand     Laura Hildebrand     Sherry Hildebrand     Tiina Hildebrand

Anne Hoeppner     Linda Hoeppner      Christine Hoeschen     Shannon Holenski     Barbara Holliston

Carol Holmes     Glenda Holod     Laraine Hunt     Ruth Isaac     Elaine Ivey     Pam Jackson

Thelma Jamieson     Carol Jones     Rebecca Kehler     Linda Kirk     Sherry Klassen     Brenda Klassen

Marlene Kroeker     Dianne Lambert     Lynda Lambert-MacLean    Amy-Jean MacLean

Lenore Laverty     Sandra Lawrence      Jan Leishman     Audrey Loewen     Debra Loewen

Edith Lovatt       Donna Lumgair         Lee Lumgair         Linda Marek      Laura Matychuk

Myrna Mayor     Doris Maynard      Kathryn Menzies     Mary Miller     Susan Nelson

Kathryn Newsom     Lynda Oakes     Nancy Penne    Gloria Penner     Suzanne C. Powell

Monique Rampton     Deanne Reichert     Linda Reimer     Dawn Rigaux

Kathy Ritchie     Agnew Roch     Elli Roehm     Betty Sager     Oddney Sager     Betty Sawatzky

Carole Schofield     Lynda Schroeder     Mary Schroeder     Glenda Schwarz     Shauna Sheldon

Shirl Shore     Ivadell Sigurdson     Marilyn Skubovius     Doreen Smith     Karen Street

Tami Thiessen     Marleen Thompson     Carol Toews     Carol Unger      Grace Warkentin

Linda Warkentin     Karla Warkentin     Dawn Watkins     Pamela Weiss     Barbara Westfall

Valerie White    Avaline Widmer     Annemarie Wiebe     Merley Wiebe      Jodie Wilkinson

Lori Willcocks      Ellen Williams      Arlene Wiwchar     Karen Wowk

Jeanette Zacharias     Lisa Zaretzky     Valerie Zwarich

(List updated Dec 21/2015)

Women’s Giving Circle donations in memory of

     Patricia Esler     Elsie Isaac     Alice Krahn     Carol Wood      Brenda Bergen

Mildred Nichol      Sigurveig Lambert      Amy Doskoch       Ruth Mitchell      Esther Friesen

Friends of the Women’s Giving Circle

Muriel Derksen     Helen Falk     Peggy Krause

Note: A Giving Circle is a form of philanthropy where groups of individuals donate money to a pooled fund and decide together how to use their money to help a specific cause. Organizing a Giving Circle exclusively for women seemed like a natural fit. Even though our backgrounds and interests may be different, we recognize that we are able to do more together than we can do on our own. By working together, highlighting specific causes, and pooling our resources, we can have a real and sustainable impact on our community.

The Giving Circle is a great way to give back to our community. Your donation will be pooled with those of other forward-thinking women and will be permanently invested through the Foundation. Every year the Giving Circle fund will earn income which will be distributed to the registered charities voted on by our members. Each member gets one vote.

If you would like to become a member, please fill out the form below and send it with your cheque or credit card information to the address below. Your donation can also be spread over four quarterly payments of $50 each.  If you have any further questions, please contact Karla Warkentin (822-3448), Kathy Ritchie (822-4537), Lynda Schroeder (822-6562), or our executive director, Lynda MacLean, at 822-5186 or by email at womengiving@mordenfoundation.ca. Please note that all Giving Circle communication will be done by email.

WGC application form

Thank you for your support. We look forward to doing great things together!

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.    Maya Angelou


Women’s Giving Circle Granting Guidelines


The mission of the Morden Area Foundation Women’s Giving Circle (WGC) is to engage women of all generations and children in the power of community philanthropy. Our goal is to create a lasting legacy that will provide funds for local charities already at work in our community, and to encourage the birth and growth of new initiatives that target emerging needs.

Grant Guidelines

The Morden Area Foundation Women’s Giving Circle grants program assists a wide range of organizations, whose projects and/or programs benefit women and children.

The purpose of the program is to provide one-year grants of up to $5,000 to non-profit organizations that provide services in Morden and area.  Grant funds may be used for direct costs related to projects/programs, such as but not limited to personnel, equipment, materials and supplies, and administration.

In addition, the following eligibility requirements apply:

  • Applicant must be a registered charitable organization providing services in Morden and area.
  • Grant funds must be used to provide services in Morden and area.
  • Only complete proposals will be reviewed.
  • Grant requests are for one year only.
  • Grant requests must be for a project/program that supports women, children and/or families.
  • As per the guidelines of the Morden Area Foundation (MAF) we are pleased to grant funds to faith based organizations provided that the programs are of benefit to the broader community.
  • Previous WGC grant recipients must complete and submit a final grant report for any and all previously received WGC grants to be eligible to apply in the current grant cycle.
  • If a previous WGC grant recipient has been awarded a WGC grant for two previous consecutive years, the recipient must wait two years before applying for another WGC grant.

Additional Information

Eligible applicants receiving a grant award from the WGC may only use grant funds for charitable purposes as stated in the proposal. The Morden Area Foundation will administer grant funds on behalf of WGC.MAF has the authority to withhold and/or recover grant funds, if at any time grant funds are misused. MAF will investigate allegations of improper use of grant funds for the private benefit of donor-advisors.  Each grantee must enter into an agreement with MAF and must submit a financial and narrative report at the conclusion of the project.

  • Grants are anticipated to be awarded in October/November of each year.
  • Deadline  Applications must be RECEIVED by 12:00pm (noon) on September 30th of each year.
  • Applications may be submitted via email, postal mail, or personal delivery. Faxed proposals will not be accepted. Grant applications will be collected and administered by the MAF on behalf of the WGC.
  • Postal Address:        Morden Area Foundation, Box 50049, Morden, MB   R6M 1V1
  • Email Address:         info@mordenfoundation.ca
  • Application Requirements  Each applicant shall submit an application packet consisting of one copy of each of the following:
    • Cover letter on organization letterhead, signed by the Executive Director (limited to one page)
    • Completed Grant Application – includes Cover Page, Proposal Form, your Budget as per your request, and your organization’s current Financial Statements
    • Organization’s registered charity number
    • List of organization’s Board Members and Executive Staff
    • Organizations current annual operating budget, including expenses and revenues.

    Organizations may contact Lynda D. MacLean, MAF Executive Director, with questions, at 204-822-5614 or info@mordenfoundation.ca.



Women’s Giving Circle Grant Application Cover Page

Name of Organization:

Organization Address:

Number                               Street                                                      City                                Postal Code



Organization Email:

Organization Website:


Organization Total Operating Budget:

Contact Person Name:

Contact Person Phone:

Contact Person Email:

Name of Project/Program (if applicable):

Amount of Total Project/Program Budget:

Amount Requested from WGC:

Date Project/Program began/will begin:

Date Project/Program will end:

Additional Information:


I approve submission of this grant application.  I certify that the grant application and the organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.  I certify that the application information and attachments are correct and true, to the best of my ability.

Name and Signature of Executive Director:



Name                                                            Signature                                                               Date

Morden Area Foundation, Box 50049, 100 – 379 Stephen Street, Morden, MB  R6M 1V1   Ph 204-822-5614   Email info@mordenfoundation.ca



Women’s Giving Circle Grant Application Proposal Form

Please provide a clear and concise response to each of the following questions, making sure to number your responses to correspond to the questions asked.  This proposal form must not exceed three pages.

  1. Briefly describe the organization’s history and mission.


  1. Describe the need and/or problem that the proposed project/project will address.


  1. Describe the project/program to be implemented, including how it will assist, women, children and/or families.


  1. Describe the organization’s qualifications or experience to implement the project/program.


  1. Who are the planned participants for the project/program? Please describe the projected number of ages of             those to be served and describe the geographic area for project/program implementation.


  1. How will it be determined if this project/program is successful? Provide at least two quantifiable measures of         the expected outcome (for example, percent of participants who complete training or percent increase in meals             served, etc.).


  1. Does the organization have the resources to continue this project/program beyond this grant? Please explain.


  1. If the WGC of Morden grant will not fully-fund the project/program, is the remaining funding currently available to the organization?  If not, please explain, including any planned or pending funding.

Yes _____________  No ____________