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2021 Grants Awarded

Published by MAF Staff  |  November 16, 2021

Morden Area Foundation Grants Over $30,000 to Community Projects in 2021

The Morden Area Foundation (MAF) supported four community projects as part of their 2021 grant awards. $24,941 was granted out from the MAF annual interest earned on the MAF community fund and $5,185 was granted from the Sports & Recreation Fund.

MAF 2021 Community Fund Grants:

500 Stephen Street: Renovation and set up of community centre $10,000

Minnewasta Parent Advisory Council: Natural playground $10,000

Pembina Valley Watershed District: Portable GPS devices for hands on education $741

Many Hands Resource Centre: Drop In startup project $4,200

MAF 2021 Sports and Recreation Fund Grant:

City of Morden: Batting Cages $5,185

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