The Morden Area Foundation is managed by a board of volunteer directors representing a cross section of our community. A part time executive director helps the board carry out its activities.



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The current board of directors of the Morden Area Foundation includes:
Allison Braun – Chair
Bob McCulloch – Vice-Chair
Robert Friesen – Treasurer
Tio Bellasario – Secretary
Phyllis Loewen
Sasha Annamuradova
Sue Nelson

Endow Manitoba Shared Staff
Lynda D. Lambert  – Community Foundations Co-ordinator
Caddie Crampton – Community Foundations Co-ordinator

Past Directors:

Many local residents have served on the board over the years. We are grateful for the time and effort they have dedicated to supporting and growing the Morden Area Foundation.

The founding board members of the Foundation include:

Betty Dunbar-Sager
Dr. Bob Menzies
Fred Westwood
Gordon Hoeschen
Ivadell Sigurdson
Marilyn Skubovius
Sam Andrew
Ron Laverty

Many others have also served as volunteer directors over the years, including:

Alice McKennitt
Art Petkau
Bev Affleck
Betty Dong
David Sheldon
David Weiss
Earl Lautenschlager
Elaine Ivey
Faye Remillard
Glen Holenski
Ivan Kletke
Doris Maynard
Jennifer Cassels
Jill Halstead
Larry Dyck
Lenore Laverty
Marty Dykman
Nancy Penner
Rae Carpenter
Richard Pauls
Robert Janzen
Ron Westfall
Randy Kehler
Jeff McAulay
Rob Dudgeon
Lynda Schroeder
Karla Warkentin
Kathy Ritchie
Laura Matychuk
Keith Norrie
Jamie Hartry
Myrna Wiebe
Al Sloan
Avaline Widmer
Ken Friesen
Becky Williams
Chris Bolt


Executive Directors include:

Catherine Evenson
Dianne Lambert
Tyler Schroeder
Thor Thorleifson