Pay it Forward May 2022

Pay it Forward May returned in 2022 with a theme of Gratitude and once again, Morden Area Foundation encouraged the community to pay kindness forward. The month kicked off with MAF Board members and volunteers delivering donuts to community businesses courtesy of Tim Horton’s.
MAF also treated the Morden tee-ball division to ice cream sandwiches donated by Winkler-Morden Co-op. Board members were also happy to deliver ice cream cakes donated by Charley B’s deserving individuals and non-profit organizations nominated through social media.


Pay It Forward May 2021

The Morden Area Foundation once again partnered with the Winkler Community Foundation to spread kindness for the month of May, the community was encouraged to come up with ways to Pay it Forward all month long.

What is Pay it Forward May: A month long campaign initiated by the Morden Area Foundation and the Winkler Community Foundation together to encourage random acts of kindness in our communities.

Why: Paying it forward is at the core of what we do as a Community Foundation therefore it would be great to get the entire City involved!

What is MAF hoping to achieve: Since paying-it-forward is such a positive idea, we would like as many community members, organizations, and businesses involved as possible. The more momentum we can build, the better our community will be.

How can people “pay-it-forward”: Be kind. Do something for someone without expecting something in return. There is always the option of making a donation to the Morden Area Foundation for the MAF to invest into our General Fund and pay-it-forward to the community year after year through grants.

How can you get involved: There are many ways your organization can get involved such a throwing a special event during the month, offering a free or volunteer service (ex. free car wash) or giving away a special product for a one day promotion. We encourage you to use the term “Pay-it-Forward May” in your promotions. Pay it Forward May promotional material is available upon request from the MAF office.

How will we know what is going on throughout the community: Watch the “Morden Area Foundation” Facebook page. We encourage you to post online what you are doing, use #pifmay and tag the MAF and we will share and cross promote. In an effort to encourage and inspire others to pay it forward, we invite the community to share stories about the good things people are doing or how a good deed has made an impact. Email your stories to us at

Who can you contact for more information:

Caddie Crampton or Lynda Lambert,
Community Foundation Coordinators,
13 – 379 Stephen Street, Morden MB R6M 0G8
Phone 204-822-5614 or Cell 204-823-4521

Thank you to our volunteer drivers who helped spread kindness to locations across the city!

Morden Area Foundation and Winkler Community Foundation got the kindness momentum going with a donut delivery, sponsored by Winkler Morden Tim Horton’s. Thank you to our volunteer drivers who helped spread kindness to locations across the city!

Morden Area Foundation Chair Allison Braun – Pays It Forward to Morden City Hall – Thank you Charley B’s for donating

Morden Area Foundation Sasha Annamuradova and Allison Braun
present teacher Mike Macaraeg of MCI a Pay it Forward cake for teacher appreciation week. Thank you Charley B’s.

Morden Area Foundation Sasha Annamuradova and Allison Braun present teacher Nicole Warkentin of EMMS a Pay It Forward Cake for teacher appreciation week. Thank you Charley B’s.





101 Ways to Pay It Forward
  1. Give a stranger a compliment.
  2. Encourage someone who needs it with words, a smile, or maybe a hug.
  3. Let someone go in front of you at the supermarket.
  4. Buy the next person in line a coffee.
  5. Write a letter or an email to someone who made a difference in your life, telling them why.
  6. Donate something anonymously to a person in need.
  7. Clean your friend’s house for him/her.
  8. Invite a neighbour for coffee or a meal at your house.
  9. Look after a busy parent’s kid(s) for an hour.
  10. Mow the lawn for someone who can’t do it themselves.
  11. Take someone else’s dog for a walk.
  12. Give money to a charity.
  13. Visit a grandparent or older person you know in a nursing home.
  14. Donate food to your local food bank.
  15. Tidy up a public space by picking up any garbage you see.
  16. Leave coupons for the next person in the grocery line to use.
  17. The next time you go away on a trip, bring home a souvenir from someone who won’t expect it.
  18. Take the time to fill out a survey that compliments someone who gave you good service.
  19. Read a story to your children, even if you are busy and it isn’t bedtime.
  20. Bring a card for someone at your workplace, telling them how you appreciate their hard work.
  21. Listen to someone tell a story and give them your full attention.
  22. Make a music playlist for a friend.
  23. Learn to say hello in a new language and practice on someone who speaks that language.
  24. Send flowers to cheer someone up.
  25. Reconnect with someone with whom you have lost touch.
  26. Take time to say thank you to a parent or a child for being in your life.
  27. Go through your closet and donate some good quality clothes to a local charity.
  28. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister to a child that would benefit from a mentor.
  29. Bake muffins to share with neighbour-hood children.
  30. Give a really generous tip to your waiter / waitress.
  31. Make a card to give to a friend.
  32. Give your boss recognition for his / her hard work.
  33. If you have a garden, give some fresh produce to someone who doesn’t.
  34. Do the dishes or load the dishwasher, even if it is not your turn.
  35. Volunteer to coach a kids’ sports team.
  36. Let someone else have your prime parking space.
  37. Babysit for friends or relatives so they can enjoy a night out.
  38. Sponsor a child from another country.
  39. Smile and say hello to five strangers today.
  40. Buy a reusable shopping bag for someone who has forgotten theirs.
  41. Invite someone in the coffee shop to sit with you if they are on their own.
  42. Let another child go first on the slide or swings in the playground.
  43. Leave a positive comment on a website or blog.
  44. Volunteer for a local organization.
  45. The next time you’re tempted to complain, find something positive to say instead.
  46. Give out free popsicles at the park.
  47. Visit someone in the hospital.
  48. Read to an older person.
  49. Take time to do a craft with children.
  50. Welcome a new neighbour with some fresh baking.
  51. Buy your co-worker lunch.
  52. Give a ride to someone who doesn’t have a car.
  53. Support a local producer through your Farmer’s Market.
  54. Knit or sew something for a new baby.
  55. Be the first to say “I’m sorry”.
  56. When you finish a good book, leave it for someone else.
  57. Offer to pick up groceries for a neighbour.
  58. Plant some tomatoes or herbs in pots and give them away.
  59. Organize a toy drive and donate them to a local organization.
  60. Say “yes” the next time someone asks you for help.
  61. Give directions to someone who is lost.
  62. Take your bike instead of the car and leave the air a little cleaner.
  63. Have a lemonade or cookie stand to raise money for a good cause.
  64. Help another child in your class with their homework.
  65. Volunteer with the Special Olympics.
  66. Bring a special treat to work for your co-workers.
  67. Write a thank you note to someone who has done something kind.
  68. Help someone load or unload their groceries.
  69. Buy movie tickets for someone.
  70. Find out about someone else’s culture.
  71. Volunteer at a community garden.
  72. Help a stranger change their tire.
  73. Let someone go ahead of you in traffic
  74. Go to watch a child you know in a play or performance, just to support them.
  75. Plant a tree to shade future generations.
  76. Say something nice about someone in public.
  77. Put post-it notes with positive sayings on random lockers at school.
  78. Deliver a meal to someone who is sick.
  79. Say something complimentary about a child to his / her parents.
  80. Donate a toy or game to a local children’s centre.
  81. Make a bird feeder and put it some-where your neighbours will also enjoy it.
  82. Give someone in your family a back rub when they’re tired.
  83. Give someone the benefit of the doubt next time something annoys you.
  84. Be the first to forgive.
  85. Wash someone else’s car.
  86. Share your snack with another child at school.
  87. Volunteer to practice English with someone new in town.
  88. Hold the door open for someone who has their hands full.
  89. Organize a local park clean-up.
  90. Plant some flowers in an empty lot.
  91. Make a friendship bracelet for someone who needs a friend.
  92. Donate food or time to a local school breakfast program.
  93. Make a welcome home sign for someone who has been away.
  94. Invite your neighbour’s children over to play.
  95. Give a child a book.
  96. Give an older person a ride to church.
  97. Support a local shop.
  98. Donate blood.
  99. On your birthday or other event, ask people to donate to a charity instead of buying a gift.
  100. Tell someone how much you appreciate them.
  101. Make a donation to the Morden Area Foundation.
Business Pay It Forward Ideas

Business participation

  • Encourage staff members to participate in Pay it Forward May and promote it internally.
  • Choose a few specific items/services in your store/business to promote to your customers as ideas for them to purchase to “Pay it Forward” to someone and be part of the campaign.
  • Offer a service at no charge, chose something to give away, help another organization through act of kindness. Examples could include: free oil change, give 1 hour of service to a charity (i.e. clean charity’s floor), build something and donate it. Be creative.
  • Have a departmental challenge whereby each department competes with each other to make a big positive contribution to the community.
  • Participate in the Pay it Forward May Business Challenge – Offer a service at no charge then challenge another businesses to match your efforts.
  • Donate funds to the Morden Area Foundation to invest it and pay-it-forward to our community year after year.
  • Become a sponsor for Pay it Forward May and enable the MAF to make a difference on an even greater scale.
  • Do at least one good deed for someone without asking for anything in return. Instead the recipient should be encouraged to pay it forward to someone else. Pay it Forward Cards (available at the Morden Area Foundation) can be handed to each recipient explaining what Pay it Forward is about encouraging the recipient to keep the momentum going. The difference we can make is phenomenal.
  • Share what your business is doing or did: email or Facebook: Morden Area Foundation. Take a picture and #PIFMAY and tag the Morden Area Foundation.

Spread the word. If the person thanks you and wants to “repay” you (that is, pay it “back”), let them know that what you would really like is for them to pay it “forward”—you would like them to do something nice for someone, and ask those people to do something nice for more people. The idea is to consciously increase the kindness in the community.

Pay it Forward May is a month long campaign initiated by the Morden Area Foundation and the Winkler Community Foundation together to encourage random acts of kindness throughout our community.

Power of the Purse 2021

The 6th Annual Power of the Purse Brunch was held virtually in 2021. 104 ladies attended a Zoom call that featured live presentations from two local charities. Attendees enjoyed a free brunch in the comfort of their homes, prepared by Owen Klippenstein at the City of Morden, and granted a total of $10,400 as follows:

Genesis House – project with the Pembina Valley Humane Society and Morden Veterinary Clinic for client pet care $5,840

Many Hands Resource – new director to coordinate volunteers, programs, and new ventures $4,560

Special thank you to the 2021 partnership sponsors: Access Credit Union, Dr. Randy and Karla Warkentin, Focal Point, Shelly Buhr Reflexology, Menzies Medical Clinic, Morden Nurseries, MMJS Law Office, Gallery Wealth Management, Linda Duncan, Barnswallow Quilters.

2021 Grants

Genesis House, Project with the Pembina Valley Humane Society and Morden Veterinary Clinic for Client Pet Care




Many Hands Resource, New Director to Coordinate Volunteers, Programs, and New Ventures




2020 Grants

Youth For Christ, Dignity Bags for Teen Girls

South Central Regional Library, Tablets for Seniors Digital Literacy Program

MAF Power of the Purse Endowment Fund $3,286

2019 Grants

Habitat for Humanity, Project: New Home Build in Morden $5,089.99

Pembina Valley Pregnancy Centre, Project: Steps in Hope Infant Grief Program $3,064.01

Genesis House, Project: Caring Men’s Program $4,105.00

2018 Grants

South Central Cancer Resource, Project: Free Headwear for Clients $4,540

Pembina Hills Arts Centre, Project: Free Creative Play Program $2,254

City of Morden, Project: Mental Health Week $3,756

2017 Grants

Pembina Valley Child Care Centre, Project: Baby Room Equipment for New Daycare $2,683.27

Agassiz Medical Clinic Community Board, Project: Teen Clinic $3,208.27

Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba, Project: Minds in Motion Program $4,108.46

2016 Grants

Parent Child Resource Centre, Project: Facilitator $4,000

South Central Cancer Resource, Project: Skin Screening Clinic $3,000

Genesis House, Project: Dining Table for 16 $3,000

Power of the Purse Granting Guidelines


The mission of the Morden Area Foundation Power of the Purse is to engage women of all generations and children in the power of community philanthropy. Our goal is to create a lasting legacy that will provide funds for local charities already at work in our community, and to encourage the birth and growth of new initiatives that target emerging needs of women and children.

Grant Guidelines

The Morden Area Foundation Power of the Purse grants program assists a wide range of organizations, whose projects and/or programs benefit women and children.

The purpose of the program is to provide one-year grants to non-profit organizations that provide services in Morden and area. Grant funds may be used for direct costs related to projects/programs, such as but not limited to personnel, equipment, materials and supplies, and administration.

In addition, the following eligibility requirements apply:

  • Applicant must be a registered charitable organization providing services in Morden and area.
  • Grant funds must be used to provide services in Morden and area.
  • Only complete proposals will be reviewed.
  • Grant requests are for one year only.
  • Grant requests must be for a project/program that supports women, children and/or families.
  • As per the guidelines of the Morden Area Foundation (MAF) we are pleased to grant funds to faith based organizations provided that the programs are of benefit to the broader community.
  • Previous Power of the Purse grant recipients must complete and submit a final grant report for any and all previously received Power of the Purse grants to be eligible to apply in the current grant cycle.
  • If a previous Power of the Purse grant recipient has been awarded a Power of the Purse grant for two previous consecutive years, the recipient must wait two years before applying for another Power of the Purse grant.

Additional Information

Eligible applicants receiving a grant award from the Power of the Purse may only use grant funds for charitable purposes as stated in the proposal. The Morden Area Foundation will administer grant funds on behalf of the Power of the Purse. MAF has the authority to withhold and/or recover grant funds, if at any time grant funds are misused. MAF will investigate allegations of improper use of grant funds for the private benefit of donor-advisors. Each grantee must enter into an agreement with MAF and must submit a financial and narrative report at the conclusion of the project.

  • Deadline Applications must be RECEIVED by 5pm on September 30th of each year.
  • Applications may be submitted via email, postal mail, or personal delivery. Faxed proposals will not be accepted. Grant applications will be collected and administered by the MAF on behalf of the WGC.
  • Postal Address: Morden Area Foundation, Box 50049, Morden, MB R6M 1V1
  • Email Address:
  • Application Requirements Each applicant shall submit an application packet consisting of one copy of each of the following:
    • Cover letter on organization letterhead, signed by the Executive Director (limited to one page)
    • Completed Grant Application – includes Cover Page, Proposal Form, your Budget as per your request, and your organization’s current Financial Statements
    • Organization’s registered charity number
    • List of organization’s Board Members and Executive Staff
    • Organizations current annual operating budget, including expenses and revenues.

    Organizations may contact Lynda D. Lambert, MAF Executive Director, with questions, at 204-822-5614 or


Members of the Women’s Giving Circle 2013

Carmen Allen, Audrey Armstrong, Lorna Barclay, Julia Barclay, Donna Barnet

Lucille Bell, Jeanette Bergmann, Phyllis Binda, Lenora Bollenbach, Sandy Bollenbach

Sharon Bollenbach , Stephanie Bolt , Edith Brunn , Bonnie Buhler , Aimee Cadieux , Jean Chamberlain

Karen Chezick , Sally Chubey , Norma Collins , Cathy Cramer , Evelyn Currie

Grace Dalke , Cheryl Digby , Cathy Dudgeon , Jackie Dudgeon Murphy , Della Duncan , Lisa Dyck

Karen Dyck , Sylvia Dyck , Joyce Ehnes , Fran Einarson , Catherine Evenson , Linda Falk

Grace Fehr , Janie Fehr , Margaret Fehr , Heather Francis , Esther Fransen , Shelley Friesen

Max Friesen , Ingrid Friesen , Monica Friesen , Vera Froese , Veronica Frost , Monique Gauthier

Tabitha Gervais , Pat Gibson , Lindsay Guenther , Rosemarie Haggerty , Jill Halstead

Denise Hartry , Gail Hartry , Crystal Henderson , Janis Henderson , Judy Hiebert

Carol Hildebrand , Erika Hildebrand , Laura Hildebrand , Sherry Hildebrand , Tiina Hildebrand

Anne Hoeppner , Linda Hoeppner , Christine Hoeschen , Shannon Holenski , Barbara Holliston

Carol Holmes , Glenda Holod , Laraine Hunt , Ruth Isaac , Elaine Ivey , Pam Jackson

Thelma Jamieson , Carol Jones , Rebecca Kehler , Linda Kirk , Sherry Klassen , Brenda Klassen

Marlene Kroeker , Dianne Lambert , Lynda Lambert-MacLean , Amy-Jean MacLean

Lenore Laverty , Sandra Lawrence , Jan Leishman , Audrey Loewen , Debra Loewen

Edith Lovatt , Donna Lumgair , Lee Lumgair , Linda Marek , Laura Matychuk

Myrna Mayor , Doris Maynard , Kathryn Menzies , Mary Miller , Susan Nelson

Kathryn Newsom , Lynda Oakes , Nancy Penner , Gloria Penner , Suzanne C. Powell

Monique Rampton , Deanne Reichert , Linda Reimer , Dawn Rigaux

Kathy Ritchie , Agnew Roch , Elli Roehm , Betty Sager , Oddney Sager , Betty Sawatzky

Carole Schofield , Lynda Schroeder , Mary Schroeder , Glenda Schwarz , Shauna Sheldon

Shirl Shore , Ivadell Sigurdson , Marilyn Skubovius , Doreen Smith , Karen Street

Tami Thiessen , Marleen Thompson , Carol Toews , Carol Unger , Grace Warkentin

Linda Warkentin , Karla Warkentin , Dawn Watkins , Pamela Weiss , Barbara Westfall

Valerie White , Avaline Widmer , Annemarie Wiebe , Merley Wiebe , Jodie Wilkinson

Lori Willcocks , Ellen Williams , Arlene Wiwchar , Karen Wowk

Jeanette Zacharias , Lisa Zaretzky , Valerie Zwarich

(List updated Dec 21/2015)

Women’s Giving Circle donations in memory of

Patricia Esler Elsie Isaac Alice Krahn Carol Wood Brenda Bergen

Mildred Nichol Sigurveig Lambert Amy Doskoch Ruth Mitchell Esther Friesen

Friends of the Women’s Giving Circle

Muriel Derksen Helen Falk Peggy Krause

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. Maya Angelou