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Giving Circle Gets $20,000 Boost from Winnipeg Foundation

Morden women have responded generously to the challenge of establishing a Women’s Giving Circle within the Morden Area Foundation, and now some additional support is coming from outside the community.

The Winnipeg Foundation ( had approved pilot project funding to support the genesis of five Giving Circles in Manitoba, and Morden’s will be the fifth.

This past January the women of the Morden Area Foundation board invited women to form a Giving Circle. To date over 125 women of all ages, backgrounds, and professions have joined the Giving Circle.

“The Winnipeg Foundation’s support gives us a significant boost,” said board chair Kathy Ritchie. “They have committed $20,000 to the Women’s Giving Circle over four years. $10,000 will be used to grow our fund, and $10,000 is available for us to donate to the projects voted on by our membership.

We are especially pleased that the Winnipeg Foundation requested that we donate $4,000 to Morden area projects this fall. When we combine this with the earnings from our fund, the Giving Circle can bring significant good to our community immediately.”

As board member Lynda Schroeder noted, participating in the Women’s Giving Circle involves a minimal time commitment. “We recognize that women are busy,” she said, “so we set up this initiative with a low time commitment. We want the Giving Circle to be an easy way for women in our community to support one another, so the Giving Circle only meets once every year. All that’s required to join is a donation of $200 and the opportunity to attend one annual meeting every fall.”

At the fall meeting the group will vote on which projects to support. With the Winnipeg Foundation’s boost, the Giving Circle will be able to donate thousands of dollars this fall to projects focusing on women and children’s food needs in the Morden area.

“If you are a women who has a heart for helping other women and children in our community, we urge you to join us,” said Foundation secretary Karla Warkentin. “Now that we have passed the halfway point, if each of our members brings in just one friend, we will surpass our target of 200 members. We gladly accept memberships in honour of and in memory of others. A membership is a great gift and a powerful way to recognize the women who have been special in our lives.”

“We are so pleased to have this support from Canada’s first Community Foundation,” added Kathy Ritchie.  “In addition to all that The Winnipeg Foundation does to support Manitoba’s forty plus smaller community foundations, this funding for our Women’s Giving Circle will make a dramatic difference in the good that we can do for women and children in Morden, starting this year!”

Giving Circle membership forms and a list of members are available on the Foundation website at Forms are also available at the Foundation office at 379 Stephen Street. For further information, please contact Kathy Ritchie (822-4537), Lynda Schroeder (822-6562), Karla Warkentin (822-3448), or the Foundation executive director, Thor Thorleifson, at 822-5186 or by email at