Our Board

Comprised of volunteer directors representing a cross section of our community.

Allison Braun


Allison Braun was born and raised in Morden, MB. I am married to Reg Braun and together we own and operate Gallery Wealth Management. We have a son, a daughter, a son-in-law and two teenage grandchildren children that all live in Winnipeg. Thankfully, they love to come home to the country for a small city experience in our beautiful community.

Some of my favorite past times are spent with my camera, gardening and traveling. My passions are deeply rooted in our community. Volunteering is an effective way to stay connected with our city, its people and a wonderful way to show appreciation for everything we available to us here in Morden.

I joined the Morden Area Foundation board in the summer of 2015. I became the chairperson in 2019. This board is one of the most exciting, rewarding volunteer positions I have ever held. Giving back to this amazing place we call home through philanthropy and leadership has been an experience that has really opened my eyes to the needs, values and beauty of Morden and Area.

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