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Comprised of volunteer directors representing a cross section of our community.

City of Morden – Recreation Department

Morden can officially call itself a True Sport Community.

Morden Mayor Ken Wiebe and Morden Area Foundation Executive Director Lynda MacLean signed the pledge to adhere to the principals of a True Sport Community on Wednesday.

The Morden Area Foundation partnered with The True Sport Foundation to grant the City of Morden in the amount of $32,000 to be used toward sporting needs identified by the community. In a community focus group the projects selected for funding included: baseball diamond repairs or upgrades, mobile tennis and pickleball nets, as well as official and coaches clinics for a variety of sports.

“Partnering and working together with organizations is at the very core of the Morden Area Foundation. By leveraging MAF funds with True Sport funds, the MAF was able to grant with greater impact to the City of Morden. Now that’s exciting!,” shared MacLean. “The MAF looks forward to working on more projects like this to help build Morden and area into an even greater place to live and visit.”

Mayor Ken Wiebe says it’s part of the city’s mandate, to make Morden as healthy as possible. True Sport Foundation is a series of programs designed to give communities and organizations the means to take advantage of the benefits of sport. Their goal is to make sure everyone’s sporting experience is based on fairness, excellence, inclusion and fun.

Morden is the 3361st Canadian community to join the True Sport Community.

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