Our Board

Comprised of volunteer directors representing a cross section of our community.

Pembina Valley Raptor Migration Project

A Rocha, an international non-profit conservation organization, spearheaded the development of the Pembina Valley Raptor Migration Project. The project monitored Manitoba’s premiere spring raptor migration right here in the Pembina Valley, and in doing so promoted awareness and conservation of the biodiversity and habitat right in our own backyard.

This $32,000 project provided environmental education to local students and awareness to the public through the monitoring of raptors (birds of prey). It also brought economic benefits to Morden as visitors and project participants patronized local businesses enroute to the Pembina Valley. Recent spring bird counts include 8,000 sightings of the spring migrating Red-tailed Hawks, making the Pembina Valley North America’s top site for viewing these birds, as well as more than 1,000 Bald Eagles and 95 Golden Eagles, a Manitoba record.

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