Learn and Return Healthcare Bursary

Your gift to the Learn and return Healthcare bursary will provide financial assistance to individuals in our catchment area entering or upgrading their healthcare training.

This new Fund will be an endowed fund with the Morden Area Foundation. Interest on the fund will generate bursary payment(s) every year for ever. The fund will continue to provide support for healthcare learning and retention in our area for generations to come.

This bursary will provide a financial award to a person entering or continuing post secondary studies leading to employment within the health care field and with subsequent employment at Boundary Trails Health Centre (BTHC) or Morden Menzies Medical Centre (MMC). The recipient agrees to return to the area to provide service for a minimum of one year.

Isaac and Dorothy Kroeker Scholarship – $850

$750 per year to one recipient

The family of Isaac and Dorothy Kroeker established this scholarship fund in loving memory of their parents and grandparents to highlight the values they lived by during their lifetime in Morden.

Isaac Kroeker grew up on a farm south of Morden and went to grade school at Mountain City. Dorothy Doerksen was raised on a farm southwest of Niverville. They met through mutual friends in Winnipeg and were married in 1951, taking up residence on Alvey Street in Morden, where they spent the rest of their married lives. They lived there in four different houses, either renovated/and or built by Isaac, until Dorothy passed away in the summer of 2015. Isaac passed away in the fall of 2021, just short of his 96th birthday.

Isaac was a heavy equipment operator at Pembina Mountain Clays, strip-mining bentonite clay in the escarpment (home of “Bruce”, the Morden Fossil Discovery Museum’s resident mosasaur) south of Miami. Later, he was employed by Morden Lumber and Fuel in the mid 60’s and eventually became the Plant Manager at Valley Concrete until he retired in 1991. Dorothy was an efficient homemaker, raising six children, while tending a large garden and doing much of her own canning/preserves. She became very involved in the operations of the Morden Thrift Shop, volunteering there, in various capacities, in the store and on the Executive Committee, for over 30 years. They were both long-time volunteers and recognized for their service in support of the Morden Tabor Home. Both were extensively involved in many aspects of the life of their home church, Christian Life Centre, including three volunteer work assignments in Kenya, the longest of which was six months.

Like many of their generation, they were raised during the depression years and their education was limited to grade school. Self-sufficiency, thrift, and hard work were the order of the day for most of their working lives. But they believed they had a responsibility for more than just themselves and their own family; that they had a responsibility to do/share what they could, with what they had, that would benefit others. Thus, their daily lives were suffused with a humble faith in God and a desire to help others in their church and community; values they lived by their entire lives, and ultimately passed on to their family.

This scholarship fund is created to assist a student graduating from high school and pursuing higher education in any domain, be it trade apprenticeship/certification, enrolment in a community college, or a seminary/university degree program. This scholarship is established to support study in any discipline for a vocation that provides a service to others; particularly, but not exclusively, in the domains of theology, education, health and/or gerontology. Other areas of study than those listed above will be considered, provided the applicant can demonstrate how their chosen vocation will allow them to further serve the community.

Academic achievements must be high enough to be considered for entry into the educational institution of choice and the successful applicant must provide some insights of what was needed to be achieved/learned by them to meet that standard. That explanation, along with a response to the question, “Why is this vocation important to me?” and how does it serve the community, combined with evidence of volunteerism/willingness to help others (in two pages or less) will be used by the selection committee in their determination.

  • Adam Derksen 2023
  • Dana Hynes 2022

William (Bill) & Colleen Lyne Scholarship – $2,250

$2,250 per recipient to two individuals annually.

Bill, retired local businessman, and Colleen, retired educator, established this fund with passion and dedication to support local youth with language arts disabilities pursuing a post-secondary education.

Colleen was hired by the Western School Division as a Resource Teacher and then as a Special Education Coordinator with a Reading Clinician Certificate (1978-1990). Colleen holds four academic degrees from the University of Manitoba, including a Masters of Education, and has taught all levels in the public school system. As an educator, Colleen has worked tirelessly with teachers inspiring and educating them regarding effective ways to teach reading.

As a dedicated professional, Colleen discovered that a number of students had difficulty in learning to read, write, spell, and some to speak, due to dyslexia. None of which affects the student’s general intelligence. As a result of Colleen’s experience, she and her husband Bill wish to support such students reach their goals of a higher education.

The William (Bill) and Colleen Lyne Scholarship Fund is awarding $2,250 per recipient to two recipients annually:

Two available scholarships to be awarded to students achieving a minimum of 70% and planning to enter technical vocational programming in a certified post-secondary school with the intention of achieving red seal certification.


  • Adam Derksen 2023
  • Lucas Friesen 2023

Doug Cram Memorial Bursary – $800

Doug Cram grew up on a farm in the Morden Area and became the 4th generation to farm the family land. He graduated from university with a Bachelor of Agriculture and worked as an agricultural representative for 5 years before returning to the family farm. In addition to his work farming, Doug held consulting and teaching positions with Assiniboine College and variety of farming boards. He was also the president of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists from 1994 – 1996 and had an outstanding service record working in local organizations including the R.M. of Stanley, Western School Division, MSTW Planning District, and many others. Doug is remembered as someone who thrived on people, a man who loved to discuss and debate issues, and as a great supporter of our community and of students seeking post secondary education.

The Doug Cram Memorial Bursary was established by his family and friends. It is awarded to a student pursuing post secondary education in the field of agriculture, economic development, or technology, and who has shown academic achievement at school. Recipients include:

  • 2023 Katherine Miranda
  • 2022 Matthew Klassen
  • 2021 Dylan Smart
  • 2020 Vadim Vorobyev
  • 2019 Tyra Penner
  • 2018 Dawson Hiebert
  • 2017 Tara Sweetnam
  • 2016 Logan Dyck
  • 2015 Aynsley Hildebrand
  • 2014 Madison McCausland
  • 2013 Kira Friesen
  • 2012 Amy Jean MacLean
  • 2011 Pieter Botha
  • 2010 Lauren MacLean
  • 2009 Candice Wiebe
  • 2008 Jaclyn Rampton
  • 2007 Kelvin Scott Friesen
  • 2006 Brodie Thiessen
  • 2005 Cara Lynn Friesen
  • 2004 Amara Reimer
  • 2003 Jennesa Dyck
  • 2002 Evan Gillis
  • 2001 Meghan Sprung
  • 2000 Matt Hildebrand
  • 1999 Tara Penner
  • 1998 Kerri Unger

Diane McAndrew Scholarship – $400

Diane McAndrew was a passionate teacher of early years students in Alberta and Manitoba for 20 years, a woman who was known for making personal connections with her students. Diane passed away in 2006, but she did not want her illness to define her. Her family established this scholarship as a way of remembering her love of teaching, and to encourage teachers to strive and succeed in their teaching careers.

The Diane McAndrew scholarship is awarded to students continuing their studies in university in the field of education. The recipient must be in the top 25% of their class and demonstrate leadership within the school and community, as well as athletic or cultural achievement. Recipients include:

  • 2023 Kaylee Bourns
  • 2022 Sara Loeppky
  • 2021 Kaylee Hatley
  • 2020 Kassidy Curry
  • 2019 Sydney Bisschop
  • 2018 Spencer Hamm
  • 2017 Jordan Parker
  • 2016 Amber Wiebe
  • 2015 Zoe Fraser
  • 2014 Selena Hollins $300
  • 2013 Paige Ready $300
  • 2012 Nicole Penner $230
  • 2011 T.J. Matychuk $230
  • 2010 Katie Kalinowski $175
  • 2009 Shawna Bluhm $175
  • 2008 Kiera Sigurdson $175
  • 2007 Melissa Rainkie $175