The latest scholarships given by the Morden Area Foundation.

Morden Festival of the Arts Scholarship – $350

Since 1975, the Morden Festival of the Arts has been a local highlight for young people within our community. Students have developed their skills in disciplines including dance, piano, strings, speech, voice, drama, band, and vocal choral. The Festival offers a venue for student performances and adjudication, enabling performers to grow in their abilities and self confidence.

This scholarship was established by the Festival of the Arts in 2007 to encourage past and present participants to pursue post secondary education. It is awarded to students who have participated in the Morden Festival of the Arts, have excelled in their discipline, and are pursuing post secondary education. Recipients include:

  • 2023 Thomas Kroeker
  • 2022 Sage Penner
  • 2021 Matthew Pahl
  • 2020 Jonah Penner
  • 2019 Jeremy Malenchak
  • 2018 Alexandra Blatz
  • 2017 Monica Lambrecht
  • 2016 Pyam Salimi
  • 2015 Steven Baker
  • 2014 Samuel Goertzen
  • 2013 Jody Friesen
  • 2012 Josiah Warkentin
  • 2011 Jenessa Dyck
  • 2010 Anna Borren
  • 2009 Jessica Friesen
  • 2008 Megan Duthie
  • 2007 Duncan Halstead

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