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One Hundred Women and Counting…

A project bringing together women who care and want to give back to their community is now more than halfway to its goal. ┬áJust ten weeks after launching their newest initiative, the Morden Area Foundation’s Women’s Giving Circle has over 100 charter members with a target of 200.

“The idea of women banding together to support a common cause is resonating with the women of our community, as is the idea of women reaching out to help one another,” suggested Foundation secretary Karla Warkentin.

“The Giving Circle is a great way to build community and leave a lasting legacy in our community.”

Board chair Kathy Ritchie said the Giving Circle is attracting interest from women of all ages and backgrounds. “We were thrilled to receive our first multi-generational family memberships,” she noted.

Amy Jean MacLean, 18, was one of the foundation’s 2012 scholarship recipients, and she joined the Giving Circle along with her mother Lynda Lambert-MacLean and her grandmother Dianne Lambert.

“Amy Jean wanted to be able to start giving back to the community that has supported her, and to have her first gift be a founding donation to the Giving Circle was an exciting opportunity,” said Ritchie. “These women truly exemplify the giving spirit of the women in our community.”

A membership in the Women’s Giving Circle is also an excellent way to celebrate mothers, sisters, and friends,” suggested board member Lynda Schroeder.

“We are also accepting memberships and donations in honour of the women who are important to us,” Schroeder said. “You can purchase a membership in the Giving Circle on behalf of a woman who is special to you or in memory of someone. It makes a great mother’s day or birthday gift.”

“Every mother’s day I struggle to find new ways to honour my mother’s life,” agreed Warkentin. “This year I’m buying a membership in memory of her. It feels satisfying to remember her in this way as well as bringing good to the community that she loved.”

For further information on the Women’s Giving Circle, visit our page on this website, or call one of the female board members: Kathy Ritchie (822-4537), Lynda Schroeder (822-6562), or Karla Warkentin (822-3448). Charter memberships are still being accepted.