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The Morden Area Foundation was formed in 1993 by a group of community minded citizens to meet a broad range of social, health, heritage, sport and recreational, educational and environmental priorities in Morden and the surrounding area. The Foundation’s Grant Program is targeted to projects that meet the needs of the community, encourage visioning, promote active participation by citizens, and respond to new ideas. The Foundation encourages the applicants to thoughtfully define the issues they are addressing and creatively determine the best course of action. While innovation is encouraged, the Foundation will seek to manage the risks inherent in grant making.

Projects should encourage collaboration between citizens and between organizations, with a focus on emerging needs and opportunities. Projects may also provide citizens and organizations with opportunities to brainstorm, research, plan and deliver new and innovative approaches to community issues.

The Foundation strives to use grants to assist organizations to increase their capacity to respond to challenges and opportunities in the community. The Foundation expects results, such as improved effectiveness in the use of the applicants’ resources, improved overall effectiveness of the community, developing local leadership, and mobilized civic resources and participation.

Types of Grants:

Through the Community Grants Program, the Morden Area Foundation grants will be provided for a wide range of projects. Requests may include but are not limited to these types of grants:

  • Equipment – such as furnishings, computers, and special items used by the applicant in carrying out charitable activity
  • Special reports and planning – strategic plans, business plans, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Conferences or special events
  • Capital – renovations or new building construction
  • Short term operating support, to allow organizations to establish regular operating support.

Criteria for Grant Decisions:

  • The project should build on the strengths of the community to respond to identified needs and priorities.
  • The applicant organization must demonstrate responsible financial accountability.
  • The project must be undertaken by organizations that are well governed and managed.
  • The project must be realistic and within the capacity of the organization to carry out.
  • The project should not duplicate existing services or, if so, demonstrate that the overlap is warranted.
  • The applicant should provide evidence of collaboration with other agencies.
  • The applicant should provide evidence of appropriate current support from the broader community.
  • The application should demonstrate a reasonable probability of ongoing support from other sources in the future, or clearly indicate that this is a discrete project for which all costs have been included.
  • Projects must directly benefit residents of Morden and/or the immediate surrounding area.
  • The Morden Area Foundation will not fund endowments, core ongoing operating expenses, fundraising events, retroactive expenses, debt retirement, or individuals.


Eligibility Requirements:

Organizations applying for grants must meet the following legal requirements:

  • Applicant must be a registered charity in good standing with Canada Revenue Agency, or otherwise able to accept charitable donations (such as a government body), or
  • a non-profit organization, sponsored by a charitable organization, with a written agreement that formalizes the relationship between the two. The application must be made by the registered charity and include a confirmation of the written agreement.


Application Guidelines and Process:

  • Applications will be accepted throughout the year, and reviewed by the Board of Directors April 1 and October 1. Applicants will be contacted for additional information if deemed necessary.
  • Applications shall be in prescribed form, as detailed in this policy.
  • Approval of grants will be by way of a motion carried by the Board of Directors.
  • All grant applications will be subject to the criteria set out in this policy.
  • The executive director will notify the organization of the Foundation’s decision.
  • Any material changes to a funded project, after the Foundation has approved a grant, must be reviewed by the Foundation for approval.
  • Proof of expenditures must be provided to the Foundation, before payout of the grant.
  • The Board of Directors will have the final decision in allocation of grants.
  • The grant recipients are expected to provide appropriate public acknowledgement of support received from the Foundation.
  • Applicants have one year to use the awarded grant. After that time the grant lapses. Should the grant not be used within the one year time period, the applicant may make a written request for an extension. The extension is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.