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Disclaimer: Amounts of scholarship may vary year to year from the amounts posted herein due the constant change to income earned on each individual scholarship fund.


NEW – Isaac and Dorothy Kroeker Scholarship:

$750 per year to one recipient

The family of Isaac and Dorothy Kroeker established this scholarship fund in loving memory of their parents and grandparents to highlight the values they lived by during their lifetime in Morden.

Isaac Kroeker grew up on a farm south of Morden and went to grade school at Mountain City.  Dorothy Doerksen was raised on a farm southwest of Niverville. They met through mutual friends in Winnipeg and were married in 1951, taking up residence on Alvey Street in Morden, where they spent the rest of their married lives. They lived there in four different houses, either renovated/and or built by Isaac, until Dorothy passed away in the summer of 2015. Isaac passed away in the fall of 2021, just short of his 96th birthday. 

Isaac was a heavy equipment operator at Pembina Mountain Clays, strip-mining bentonite clay in the escarpment (home of “Bruce”, the Morden Fossil Discovery Museum’s resident mosasaur) south of Miami. Later, he was employed by Morden Lumber and Fuel in the mid 60’s and eventually became the Plant Manager at Valley Concrete until he retired in 1991.  Dorothy was an efficient homemaker, raising six children, while tending a large garden and doing much of her own canning/preserves. She became very involved in the operations of the Morden Thrift Shop, volunteering there, in various capacities, in the store and on the Executive Committee, for over 30 years. They were both long-time volunteers and recognized for their service in support of the Morden Tabor Home. Both were extensively involved in many aspects of the life of their home church, Christian Life Centre, including three volunteer work assignments in Kenya, the longest of which was six months.

Like many of their generation, they were raised during the depression years and their education was limited to grade school. Self-sufficiency, thrift, and hard work were the order of the day for most of their working lives. But they believed they had a responsibility for more than just themselves and their own family; that they had a responsibility to do/share what they could, with what they had, that would benefit others.  Thus, their daily lives were suffused with a humble faith in God and a desire to help others in their church and community; values they lived by their entire lives, and ultimately passed on to their family.

This scholarship fund is created to assist a student graduating from high school and pursuing higher education in any domain, be it trade apprenticeship/certification, enrolment in a community college, or a seminary/university degree program. This scholarship is established to support study in any discipline for a vocation that provides a service to others; particularly, but not exclusively, in the domains of theology, education, health and/or gerontology. Other areas of study than those listed above will be considered, provided the applicant can demonstrate how their chosen vocation will allow them to further serve the community.

Academic achievements must be high enough to be considered for entry into the educational institution of choice and the successful applicant must provide some insights of what was needed to be achieved/learned by them to meet that standard.  That explanation, along with a response to the question, “Why is this vocation important to me?” and how does it serve the community, combined with evidence of volunteerism/willingness to help others (in two pages or less) will be used by the selection committee in their determination.

NEW – William (Bill) & Colleen Lyne Scholarship Fund

$2,000 to one male and $2,000 to one female annually

Bill, retired local businessman, and Colleen, retired educator, established this fund with passion and dedication to support local youth with language arts disabilities pursuing a post-secondary education.

Colleen was hired by the Western School Division as a Resource Teacher and then as a Special Education Coordinator with a Reading Clinician Certificate (1978-1990).  Colleen holds four academic degrees from the University of Manitoba, including a Masters of Education, and has taught all levels in the public school system.  As an educator, Colleen has worked tirelessly with teachers inspiring and educating them regarding effective ways to teach reading. 

As a dedicated professional, Colleen discovered that a number of students had difficulty in learning to read, write, spell, and some to speak, due to dyslexia.  None of which affects the student’s general intelligence.  As a result of Colleen’s experience, she and her husband Bill wish to support such students reach their goals of a higher education.

The William (Bill) and Colleen Lyne Scholarship Fund is awarding $2,000 to one male recipient and $2,000 to one female recipient based upon: a student with a diagnosed language arts disability (supported by school IEP, educational psychology report, or doctor’s note) and must be a Grade 12 graduate from either a vocational or academic program.  Applicants must be planning to pursue higher learning at the college or university level in the fields of automotive, agriculture, plumbing, electrician, aviation, health care, culinary, carpentry, animal care, beauty and cosmetology, or other accredited college or university field.  The student must have a caring, helpful attitude (demonstrated by volunteering within the school and/or community), and a commitment to continuously learning.

Joe (Johannes) and Annie Olafson Scholarship: 

$400 per year to one recipient

Annie established this fund in loving memory of her husband Joe and their shared commitment to help educate local rural youth.

Joe was born and raised in the 1-6 farming district just south of Morden, Manitoba. He finished school at Grade 8 to work on the family farm.  At age 20, Joe enlisted in the army and toured Italy, France and Germany during World War II.  After the war, Joe returned home to work the family farm with his father and brother.  Eventually Joe took over the farm, married neighbor girl Annie Holenski, and together they raised one daughter and three boys while working hard to run a very efficient and productive farm.

Annie was a farm girl at heart and was raised in the 1-6 farming district as well. Annie finished school at Grade 6 to work the farm with her father and loved every minute of it. Annie always dreamed of becoming a nurse but living and working on a farm, raising a family, volunteering in the community all kept her very busy. Annie’s dream now is to support today’s youth accomplish their education goals.

The Joe (Johannes) and Annie Olafson Scholarship Fund is awarded to a rural student who is a Grade 12 graduate within the Western School Division catchment area with an average of 80% or higher who demonstrates a positive attitude and intends to pursue post-secondary studies in the nursing field. If there is no application for nursing studies, then a graduate who intends to pursue an interest in post-secondary studies in an agricultural field will be accepted.

  • 2021 Dylan Smart
  • 2020 Dmitriy Sharapov
  • 2019 Tyra Penner

Bill & Linda Fehr Scholarship:  $500 per year to one recipient – mature student or past graduate out of school for a minimum of one year or longer and wishing to return to a community college or other post secondary institution for further education.

This scholarship has been established in memory of Bill L. Fehr.  Bill moved back home to the Morden area and sought additional education to pursue his interests in business and community.  It was through these experiences that he saw the need to encourage others to strive and succeed. The ability to recognize and achieve personal goals through further education will continue to enrich the individual and community.

Criteria for this scholarship:   mature student or past graduate (1 year +) seeking to return to a community college or other post-secondary institution for further education; caring, helpful attitude, high financial need; student/individual having a commitment to continuous learning and community involvement.

Please click the button below for the Bill & Linda Fehr Scholarship Application form, then mail or email to the Morden Area Foundation.

  • 2021 Katherina Thiessen
  • 2020 Kate Zacharias
  • 2019 Oxana Kilikova

Doug Cram Memorial Bursary – $460

Doug Cram grew up on a farm in the Morden Area and became the 4th generation to farm the family land. He graduated from university with a Bachelor of Agriculture and worked as an agricultural representative for 5 years before returning to the family farm. In addition to his work farming, Doug held consulting and teaching positions with Assiniboine College and variety of farming boards. He was also the president of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists from 1994 – 1996 and had an outstanding service record working in local organizations including the R.M. of Stanley, Western School Division, MSTW Planning District, and many others. Doug is remembered as someone who thrived on people, a man who loved to discuss and debate issues, and as a great supporter of our community and of students seeking post secondary education.

The Doug Cram Memorial Bursary was established by his family and friends. It is awarded to a student pursuing post secondary education in the field of agriculture, economic development, or technology, and who has shown academic achievement at school. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Dylan Smart
  • 2020 Vadim Vorobyev
  • 2019 Tyra Penner
  • 2018 Dawson Hiebert
  • 2017 Tara Sweetnam
  • 2016 Logan Dyck
  • 2015 Aynsley Hildebrand
  • 2014 Madison McCausland
  • 2013 Kira Friesen
  • 2012 Amy Jean MacLean
  • 2011 Pieter Botha
  • 2010 Lauren MacLean
  • 2009 Candice Wiebe
  • 2008 Jaclyn Rampton
  • 2007 Kelvin Scott Friesen
  • 2006 Brodie Thiessen
  • 2005 Cara Lynn Friesen
  • 2004 Amara Reimer
  • 2003 Jennesa Dyck
  • 2002 Evan Gillis
  • 2001 Meghan Sprung
  • 2000 Matt Hildebrand
  • 1999 Tara Penner
  • 1998 Kerri Unger


Diane McAndrew Scholarship – $300

Diane McAndrew was a passionate teacher of early years students in Alberta and Manitoba for 20 years, a woman who was known for making personal connections with her students. Diane passed away in 2006, but she did not want her illness to define her. Her family established this scholarship as a way of remembering her love of teaching, and to encourage teachers to strive and succeed in their teaching careers.

The Diane McAndrew scholarship is awarded to students continuing their studies in university in the field of education. The recipient must be in the top 25% of their class and demonstrate leadership within the school and community, as well as athletic or cultural achievement. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Kaylee Hatley
  • 2020 Kassidy Curry
  • 2019 Sydney Bisschop
  • 2018 Spencer Hamm
  • 2017 Jordan Parker
  • 2016 Amber Wiebe
  • 2015 Zoe Fraser
  • 2014 Selena Hollins $300
  • 2013 Paige Ready $300
  • 2012 Nicole Penner $230
  • 2011 T.J. Matychuk $230
  • 2010 Katie Kalinowski $175
  • 2009 Shawna Bluhm $175
  • 2008 Kiera Sigurdson $175
  • 2007 Melissa Rainkie $175


Jake Kenneth Warkentin Scholarship – $370

Ken Warkentin (1950 – 2006) was a long time resident of Morden. He was employed as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for nearly 30 years, a job which he loved.  Ken was known for his gentle spirit, his joy in experiencing new people and places, and his willingness to serve others through volunteering with MCC and his church.

Ken’s family established the Jake Kenneth Warkentin scholarship to honour his memory. It is awarded to students who meet the general university admission requirements and who are interested in the field of social work, counseling, international development, or conflict resolution. The student must also demonstrated compassion and service for marginalized or disabled persons. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Matthew Pahl
  • 2020 Devin Toews
  • 2019 Lauryn Westhaver
  • 2018 Brendon North
  • 2017 Sidney Sinclair
  • 2016 Lindsey Unger
  • 2015 Burgundy Thiessen
  • 2014 Franziska Schimpf $350
  • 2013 Sydney Schultz $350
  • 2012 Brett Elias $350
  • 2011 Matthew Remple $350
  • 2010 Shayna Wooley $500
  • 2009 Michelle Webe $500
  • 2008 Heather Spence $500
  • 2007 Matthew Duda $750


John & Isabel Reichert Scholarship – $900

Isabel Reichert taught in a one room school in the Morden area for many years. When she became housebound due to illness, she continued to help children from her home on 10th Street with their reading and writing.

This scholarship was established to recognize Mrs. Reichert’s teaching career and to encourage graduates from the Morden Collegiate Institute to pursue post secondary studies in the field of education. Criteria include academic merit, extra curricular activity, classroom performance, a caring, helpful attitude, and who need financial assistance. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Jennah Derksen
  • 2020 Kassidy Currie
  • 2019 Kate Sawatzky
  • 2018 Emily Wiebe
  • 2017 Danaka Hanash
  • 2016 Julia Goertzen
  • 2015 Madeleine Friesen
  • 2014 Selena Hollins $800
  • 2013 Madison Jamieson $800
  • 2012 Vanessa Neufeld $500
  • 2011 Jeremy Penner $500
  • 2010 Carly Russell $500
  • 2009 Shawna Bluhm $500
  • 2008 Kiera Sigurdson $500
  • 2007 Nicole Friesen $500


Morden Area Foundation Scholarship – MCI – $1,200

The Morden Area Foundation scholarship is granted to a student who has high academic standing and is involved in extra curricular activities in the school or community. The student must be continuing their studies at the post secondary level. This scholarship is provided as part of our community granting program. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Matthew Pahl
  • 2020 Devin Toews
  • 2019 Riese Penner
  • 2018 Vanessa Wiebe
  • 2017 Jordan Parker
  • 2016 Krista Neufeld
  • 2015 Evelyn Domitruk
  • 2014 Brooklyn Parker $1,100
  • 2013 Sydney Schultz $1,500
  • 2012 Sam Kalinowski $700
  • 2011 Blair Shewfelt $500
  • 2010 Shelisa Klassen $1,000
  • 2009 Makyla Moen $1,000
  • 2008 Darcie Reimer $1,000
  • 2007 Nicole Penner $1,000
  • 2006 Elizabeth Hopkins $1,000
  • 2005 Kirby Penner $1,000
  • 2004 Kerri Earl $1,000
  • 2003 Jenna Harms $1,000
  • 2002 Melissa Britton $1,000
  • 2001 Allison Nelson $1,000
  • 2000 Erynn Peters $1,000
  • 1999 Kristin Backhouse $1,000
  • 1998 Kate Dykman $1,000
  • 1997 Jolene Friesen $1,000


Morden Area Foundation Scholarship – Adult Education – $1,200

The Morden Area Foundation Adult Education scholarship is awarded to a graduate of the Adult Education program who is entering post secondary studies. It recognizes the determination of these adult students, some of whom have overcome major obstacles, to achieve further education. This scholarship is part of our community granting program.  Recipients include:

  • 2021 Katherina Thiessen
  • 2020 Kate Zacharias
  • 2019 Marissa Fontaine
  • 2018 Brae Leigh Bueckert
  • 2017 Pawel Lukasz Sowinski
  • 2016 Chloe Friesen
  • 2015 Trudy Fehr
  • 2014 Shelley Taylor $1,100


Morden Collegiate Student Council Bursary

The Morden Collegiate Student Council bursary was founded in 1995 through a $2,000 donation from the MCI Student Council. Since then, this bursary fund has received contributions from teachers and the Class of ’82 reunion.

This bursary is presented to a student who has demonstrated strong academic performance and is pursuing post secondary education. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Carman Friesen
  • 2020 Aubreyanna Widmer
  • 2019 Tristin Bezte
  • 2018 Adam Thiessen
  • 2017 Bailey Derksen
  • 2015 Amber Wiebe
  • 2014 Hannah Doerksen $100
  • 2013 Saleena Hak $100
  • 2012 Emily Unrau $100
  • 2011 Kara Klassen $100
  • 2010 Anna Borren $200
  • 2009 Makyla Moen $200
  • 2008 Michael Hills $200
  • 2007 Matthew Duda $200
  • 2006 Zach Samborski $200
  • 2005 Tyler Morden $200
  • 2004 School Division $200
  • 2003 School Division $100
  • 2002 School Division $100
  • 2001 Alana Pona $100
  • 2000 Lavonne Fehr $100


Morden Festival of the Arts Scholarship – $250

Since 1975, the Morden Festival of the Arts has been a local highlight for young people within our community. Students have developed their skills in disciplines including dance, piano, strings, speech, voice, drama, band, and vocal choral. The Festival offers a venue for student performances and adjudication, enabling performers to grow in their abilities and self confidence.

This scholarship was established by the Festival of the Arts in 2007 to encourage past and present participants to pursue post secondary education. It is awarded to students who have participated in the Morden Festival of the Arts, have excelled in their discipline, and are pursuing post secondary education. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Matthew Pahl
  • 2020 Jonah Penner
  • 2019 Jeremy Malenchak
  • 2018 Alexandra Blatz
  • 2017 Monica Lambrecht
  • 2016 Pyam Salimi
  • 2015 Steven Baker
  • 2014 Samuel Goertzen
  • 2013 Jody Friesen
  • 2012 Josiah Warkentin
  • 2011 Jenny Dyck
  • 2010 Anna Boren
  • 2009 Jessica Friesen
  • 2008 Megan Duthie
  • 2007 Duncan Halstead


Morden Masonic Lodge Scholarship – $700

The Morden Masonic Lodge scholarship is presented to a student with a high academic standing who is continuing their education in the field of nursing. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Ryan Driedger
  • 2020 Dmitriy Sharapov
  • 2019 Sierra Wiebe
  • 2018 Regan Klassen
  • 2017 Aline Lamirande
  • 2016 Luba Sharapova
  • 2015 Katie Douglas
  • 2014 Colleen Blaich $800
  • 2013 Dayna Foxton $800
  • 2012 Lyndsay Krueger $500
  • 2011 Carley Wolfe $500
  • 2010 Trudi Wall $500
  • 2009 Taylor Riddell $500
  • 2008 Natasha Vandenberghe $500
  • 2007 Krista Hoeppner $500
  • 2006 Amanda Heide $500
  • 2005 Jennifer Breddam $500
  • 2004 Tiffany Wiebe $500
  • 2003 Rebecca Stiff $500
  • 2002 Lisa Knight $500
  • 2001 Heidi Jeremy $500


Rebekah Lodge Scholarship – $100

The Victoria Rebekah Lodge #15 was founded in Morden on March 14, 1910. Over the years the Lodge provided support for many charitable organizations including the Freemasons Hospital, Special Olympics, Christmas Cheer, and many other worthwhile causes, as well as providing fellowship for the women of our community. The Lodge discontinued operations on December 31, 2002, but a scholarship was established to honour its ninety-two year history.

The Rebekah Lodge scholarship is presented to a student who excelled in Family Studies 40S. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Brie Klassen
  • 2020 Jayde Jonasson
  • 2019 Sierra Wiebe
  • 2018 Kelsea Harder
  • 2017 Verena Schulz
  • 2015 Madison Bradley & Chauntel Dyck
  • 2014 Monica Giesbrecht & Kate Yekhova
  • 2013 Chelsea Staple & Kendra Friesen
  • 2012 Kylie Friesen & Sydney Schulz
  • 2011 Janie Giesbrecht & Christine Pfaffenrot
  • 2010 Brittany Brewis
  • 2009 Makyla Moen
  • 2008 Kim Krahn
  • 2007 Whitney Penner
  • 2006 Zach Samborski
  • 2005 Andre Mardli
  • 2004 Trista Friesen
  • 2003 Jenelle Dyck
  • 2002 Brian Earl
  • 2001 Vanessa Klassen
  • 2000 Ashley Loewen
  • 1999 Andrea Letkeman
  • 1998 Kate Dykman
  • 1997 Jolene Friesen
  • 1996 Dallas Neuman
  • 1995 Jennifer Smith
  • 1994 Sherry Kirk


Richard & Emma Krueger and Leonard Krueger Scholarship – $235

The Richard & Emma Krueger scholarship is granted to students who have an average of 75% or better in their Senior 4 courses and who are continuing their studies at a university in the medical field.

The Leonard Krueger scholarship is presented to a student who is a non-smoker and resides in the 1-6 area or rural area surrounding Morden.

These scholarship funds were combined in 2011 to form one Krueger scholarship. Recipients include:

  • 2021 Sean Arcilla
  • 2020 Emma Hynes
  • 2019 Jeremy Malenchak
  • 2018 Candace Wiebe
  • 2017 Monica Lambrecht
  • 2016 Mykayla Loutchan
  • 2015 Steven Baker
  • 2014 Samuel Goertzen
  • 2013 Jody Friesen
  • 2012 Josiah Warkentin
  • 2011 Paige Drobot
  • 2010 Theresa Loeppky & Lauren MacLean
  • 2009 Rachel Enns & Candice Wiebe
  • 2008 Lynsay Krueger & Mallory Mayert
  • 2007 Jessica Persson & Eryn Gillis
  • 2006 Elizabeth Hopkins & Kevin Rach
  • 2005 Jenifer Breddam & Cameron Mayert
  • 2004 Amara Reimer & Melanie Peters
  • 2003 Marni Gillis & Kristin Ching
  • 2002 Mee Jean Wei & Marni Gillis
  • 2001 Vanessa Klassen & Kari Dalke
  • 2000 Kelly Cumming & Karen Hildebrand
  • 1999 Jaclyn Neufeld & Tara Pauls
  • 1998 Karen Hoeppner & Kristen Hildebrand
  • 1997 Adele Rempel & Aryn Gillis
  • 1996 Tanya Worms
  • 1995 Daphne Hoeppner
  • 1994 Tricia Walske
  • 1993 Chadwick Ginther
  • 1992 Shauna Link
  • 1991 Melanie Ballard
  • 1990 Sean Link
  • 1989 Leanne Titchkosky
  • 1988 Lisa Skubovius
  • 1987 Connie Link
  • 1986 Janis Titchkosky
  • 1985 Scott Evenson & Victor Olafson
  • 1984 no award given
  • 1983 Dwight Martens
  • 1982 Daryl Rex
  • 1981 Jennifer Dudgeon


Youth In Philanthropy/Hopeful Aware Students Taking Action Scholarship – $600

The Youth In Philanthrophy Advisory Council at the Morden Collegiate Institute began in 2003 with funding assistance from the Morden Area Foundation and the Thomas Sill Foundation. This group of young philanthropists takes on various projects to raise money which is used to support worthy causes in our community. This scholarship is just one of their many charitable endeavours.

The YIP/HASTA scholarship is presented to a student who demonstrates leadership within the school and community.  They must be caring, helpful, and have a positive attitude.  Recipients include:

  • 2021 Haylee Henderson
  • 2020 McKenna Nicholls
  • 2019 Lauryn Westhaver
  • 2018 Vanessa Wiebe
  • 2017 Jordan Parker
  • 2016 Chloe Friesen
  • 2015 Evelyn Domitruk
  • 2014 Franziska Schimpf $500
  • 2013 Erin Froese $500
  • 2012 Amy Jean MacLean $150
  • 2011 Mahalia LePage $150
  • 2010 Shelisa Klassen $150
  • 2009 Kerrie Ferris $150
  • 2008 Dalal Kheder $150