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Comprised of volunteer directors representing a cross section of our community.

South Central Regional Library 2022 Grant for Storage Shed

South Central Regional Library $1,500 Book Storage Shed

SCRL stores books all year long for their annual book sale, however, due to COVID their annual book sale was cancelled.  SCRL now hosts several small book sales throughout the year.  Nonetheless, people drop off books and more are collected throughout the year therefore more space was needed for storage.  This new shed now houses the books that are collected, sorted, recorded, boxes, and stored while waiting to be brought out for future book sales.  Thank you SCRL for continuing your book sales fundraising program and giving the public the opportunity to share the stories, history, and education these books offer. Left to Right – Board members Oleksandra (Sasha) Annamuradova and Phyllis Loewen.  Due to poor weather conditions, SCRL board members and director were unable to attend to accept.

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