Morden Collegiate Institute

Youth In Philanthropy

YIP is a fun and exciting way for youth who care about their communities to unleash their ideas, create plans, and partner together in support of one another in their community.

Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) is for young people who want their city to thrive, who want their voices to be heard, who want a say in how local charities who work to better the community can get the help they need to do the crucial work that they do.

YIP is for decision-makers, for musicians, for leaders, for environmentalists, for athletes, for academics, for drama kids, for humanitarians, for aspiring scientists, for writers … YIP is for young people who want to make a difference in the world.

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About YIP

YIP is designed to introduce motivated young people, like you, to philanthropy and local community development. The YIP program will give you hands-on experience working as a team with local charitable organizations. It’s a one-of-a-kind win-win experience.

The Morden Area Foundation (MAF) partners with the local YIP members in education, policies, CRA granting rules, and most importantly … money to grant to the community.


How YIP Works

In September, local schools in Morden form a YIP committee. YIP members will work together learning of the needs of the community, make sight visits to local charities, raise funds, all while learning how a community foundation works, and how partnership can make a stronger impact on the community.

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The Morden Area Foundation partners with YIP committees and matches funds raised up to $3,000. The YIP committee will grant to the local charities of their choice one time per year. The YIP committee decides on the areas of interest, goals and criteria for granting. The committee members will research charities that meet the criteria and learn more about what they do by visiting them and interviewing people who work there.

Each committee member helps to decide which charities will receive grants, how much money each will receive, and how it will be spent. The YIP committee will then submit the grant recommendations to the Morden Area Foundation’s Board for final approval to ensure all CRA rules have been met. In May, the program winds up with a celebration for YIP participants, staff advisors, and grant recipients.


Why Join YIP

Through YIP you will gain skills that will last a lifetime and learn about some amazing people and organizations doing powerful work to make your community better.